Sept. 13

Hey guys!

It’s Sept. 13, Saturday.

I just got my report card today and fortunately I got some pretty high scores. I kept praying yesterday for me to have high grades or at least passing grades cuz’ I’ve been having these feelings that I’d fail all of my classes. It was really nice to see I passed them all. Moving on… ITS NIALL HORAN’S BIRTHDAY TODAY JNCGDKBLEFRG. I’m a big fan of One Direction and Niall is my favorite member. I’m so happy and sad at the time. I’m happy because It’s Niall’s special day while there’s this part of me that’s just so sad because he’s 21. I mean like TWENTY-ONE and I’m 11, turning 12 on October. You see even though I’ve been in the fandom for so long now I still dream of marrying Niall OR any of them. Well that can’t be held can we? I mean I think everyone in the fandom still dreams of marrying one of them. Right? or is it just me?

Well that’s all for this day.

See you soon!



Heeey guys! I’m back from the dead (No, not really)

It’s me! I’m back. Sorry for not posting for like three months. I have quite a low sense of responsibility. Anyway, I’m back and obviously I got a new theme. I want to start fresh again. Like never mind the things I said in my last post. I realized that it’s just better for me to be ‘just a blogger.’ You know. Like a regular blogger. One who just blogs about boring and absolutely pointless stuff. I guess I’m better that way.

That’s it for this time. I’m posting again soon. Bye Guys!